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2,000 million
people lack access to essential medicines
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10% of spending on R&D is allocated to illnesses that affect 90% of the population

We transform this reality together

Breaking down barriers

With your support we facilitate access to pharmacological treatments and we carry out research to create new improved solutions

-50% price
of medicines
300 own-brand
-30% price
of biotechnological medicines

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We aim to make a real change in any corner of the world
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40 years
6.000 professionals
10 R&D
15 industrial
40 countries

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Our Code of Ethics

Beyond business

Chemo fulfils its social responsibilities through Mundo Sano, a non-profit foundation whose vision is the transformation of the realities of the populations affected by neglected diseases. Chagas, geo-parasitism, dengue, leishmaniasis and hydatidosis are some of the illnesses that often affect the most vulnerable sectors, causing severe health consequences for those who suffer them. The foundation’s mission is to develop effective management models that are replicable, scalable and transferable, though public-private partnerships with multidisciplinary scientific research, working with the affected communities at various places in Argentina, Spain and Ethiopia.

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