Bridging the divide between people and high-impact therapeutic treatments

Biosimilar medicines for the medical therapies of the future

We develop biosimilar medicines to obtain greater accessibility to therapies with biotechnology drugs that are overly expensive and inaccessible to the population and national health services.

Our non-conformism causes us to be in continuous evolution.

The numbers move us

At present the biological medicines represent more than 40% of the hospital bill and only 50% of patients that should receive biological therapies in Europe have access to them.

To change this, we research and develop monoclonal antibodies to fight cancer or autoimmune diseases.

Two high-impact areas

We focus us on developing solutions for cancer patients who have breast or colon cancer and some types of lymphomas. As well as on some autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

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From lab to life

We make a commitment to research to improve the medical therapies of the future.
It is time to change the rules.

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