Environmental policy

Environmental policy

Insud Pharma Group Environmental Policy

As a company dedicated to the manufacture, development and marketing of active substances and finished products for pharmaceutical and veterinary use, Insud Pharma recognises the importance of environmental protection and the undeniable need to conduct all business activities in full respect of the environment. In order to reduce its environmental impact and help to protect the environment, Senior Management has drafted the following principles:

  • Commitment to comply with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the organization subscribes, as well as the continuous updating of the same.
  • To fully comply with and continuously revise all applicable and current legal and non - legal requirements to which the company subscribes.
  • To define continuous improvement as the cornerstone of our business activities, taking into account environmental policy as a frame of reference for setting objectives, so as to minimise our environmental impact as far as possible on both a local and international leve
  • To prevent contamination by minimising, as far as is technically and economically viable, waste, sewage and emissions produced from our activities, as well as other impacts that our business could have on the environment.
  • To work together with our suppliers and subcontractors to implement improved environmental measures, resulting in the increased overall environmental efficacy of our activities.
  • To invite open and cordial dialogue with the various administrative bodies, the local community and other groups interested in our business activities.
  • To provide suitable internal training and communication to employees, ensuring the implementation of good environmental practices and empowering employees to play a key role in the company's environmental improvements

The management also undertakes to ensure the application of this policy and the annual review of its content, adapting it to the nature of the activities and impacts as well as the general strategy of the Insudpharma Group.